Compile Heart Is Currently Working On Nine Projects And Five Are Unannounced New RPGs



Compile Heart shared a “secret trailer” for Death end re;Quest, where company president Norihisa Kochiwa teased nine new projects they’re working on, with five of them being brand-new RPGs.


After the Death end re;Quest trailer, we get to see the “secret” part at around the 3:25 mark of the video, where president Kochiwa makes an appearance with a stack of documents for the nine projects they’re working on. They are all documents for new projects, including some that have already been announced like Death end re;Quest and several that have yet to be announced.


Here are some of the details shared for each project:

  • Project Document #1 – Death end re;Quest
  • Project Document #2 – New RPG with a “Desert” theme that is currently in development
  • Project Document #3 – New RPG
  • Project Document #4 – New RPG being made by a creator who has never worked with Compile Heart before
  • Project Document #5 – New RPG
  • Project Document #6 – New RPG that Compile Heart is putting all of its might into
  • Project Document #7 – New app
  • Project Document #8 – ??? (Kochiwa calls it a “fun project”)
  • Project Document #9 – Unrevealed characters for Bond of the Artist God


Compile Heart

Lastly, Kochiwa shared the above key visual for the brand-new RPG project that has a “desert” theme.


The Compile Heart president wrapped up the video by saying they’ll be announcing more info about the projects in upcoming events and such, and to look forward to hearing more.

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