Compile Heart Hiring Developers For Next Neptunia Project And A New Console RPG



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Compile Heart’s Neptunia team posted a new page on the official website to recruit staff for their next Neptunia project and a new RPG for consoles. From producers to programmers, it sounds like they’re adding quite the number of staff members.


Compile Heart’s recruitment drive is looking to fill in various positions, including producer/director, planner, programmers, art designers, and more.


Compile Heart have various female developers working for the company, and Nepgear is even shown in the recruitment page saying “as long as you love Neptunia, it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female”.


However, next to the position for scenario writer, it says “male-oriented,” so it seems like they’ll keep up with what they’ve been doing best and continue making games that are targeted towards a male audience with this new project or Neptunia title.


It’s also worth nothing that they’re also looking for movie designers and 3D modelers first, so there’s a good chance that they’re looking into making something with higher production.


Since they’re also looking to fill in the position for a new director, it could also mean that there are multiple product lines that Compile Heart have planned out. For the most part, they’re looking for those who like the Neptunia series and other RPGs, and have experience working on console games.

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