Compile Heart Teases A Smartphone Card Game With A Countdown



Compile Heart recently opened a mysterious new teaser site with a countdown of 7 days saying “7 days until the start of the Genkai Toppa battle.” Dengeki also shares that the teaser is for a smartphone game.


The background in the teaser site looks just like the one in Monster Monpiece, and the URL “” certainly sounds like the Japanese nickname for the card game, MonMon; however, the title of the page reads “Two years have passed, and that card game will once again…”


The only thing that would be off about that is the fact that Monster Monpiece actually released in January 24, 2013 in Japan, so that would make it closer to three years, instead of two. The following titles the Genkai Tokki series were Moe Chronicle and Moero Crystal were dungeon crawlers, so those wouldn’t fit under the card game category. Hmm.


In any case, we’ll find out more about it once the countdown is up next week.

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