Compile Heart Working On A Brand New Title With A Surprising Collaboration



    Compile Heart have been producing plenty of Neptunia games lately, and Idea Factory vice-president Shingo Kuwana and development director Norihisa Kochiwa shared more on what’s next in an interview with Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Hachima]


    During the interview, Famitsu points out that it looks like Idea Factory have been putting in more effort in the overseas market recently, and ask if they could share more on that front.


    “The Neptunia series is very popular, our staff really understands these games and what’s inside the limited edition versions, and the fans overseas are very enthusiastic about it as well,” says Kochiwa. “Besides that, we’re seeing great numbers from Hakuoki, Steam, and Android.”


    Famitsu then ask what’s next on the agenda from Idea Factory and Compile Heart.


    “There are still many titles that we’ve yet to announce,” says Kuwana. “As for our Otomate brand, we’ll reveal an unannounced title at the ‘Otomate Party 2015’.”


    “Other than our Otomate brand, we have a completely original new title that is in production at this very moment,” adds Kochiwa. “We were able to make a collaboration come true, one that will make fans very surprised. We’d like to announce it as soon as possible sometime by the end of the year.”

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