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Compile Heart’s New Brand Reveals “Tokyo Clanpool” For PS Vita As Its First Title



Compile Heart and Dengeki are tag-teaming for a new game brand called “DenPile,” and they’ve revealed Tokyo Clanpool on PS Vita as the brand’s very first entry. Here’s a first look with details and a new teaser trailer.


Tokyo Clanpool for PS Vita is DenPile’s first title raised with the keywords “dungeon RPG revolution.” Its protagonist is a “beautiful girl prime minster” who fights alongside her beautiful girl cabinet minister allies.


02_cs1w1_349x700 Above is a look at the protagonist Natsume Kannuki. The character designer for the game is Manamitsu, who is best known for the character designs in titles such as Megadimension Neptunia VII.



As for Tokyo Clanpool, its story is set in near-future Tokyo, where an upside-down city suddenly appears from the sky. A demonic tower connecting to the parliament building was created, known as the “Dark World Parliament Tower.”



In order to rebuild the fallen government and to fight against monsters, an organization called the “Cyber Tactics Cabinet” was formed. As the first prime minster of the new cabinet, the protagonist Natsume will challenge the Dark World Parliament Tower.


Tokyo Clanpool will feature customizable elements with a “Gadgeteers” system that involves the personification of gadgets from cyber spirits. The game also has original systems relating to bills and elections to go with its setting.


No further information was shared about the game, but this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation will tell us more about the world setting, the cyber tactical unit “Congress Dolls,” and the transformations using smartphones called “Digi Skins.” we’ll also have screenshots for dungeons and battles.


And finally, the magazine will feature an interview with producer Makoto Kitano and character designer Minatsu who share quotes such as “the goal of making a dungeon RPG with a good feel” and “character designs took a long time, I reworked on it countless times until I was satisfied with it.”


Tokyo Clanpool is in development for PlayStation Vita.

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