Spike Chunsoft introduced the six characters for their upcoming PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS "procreating" RPG, Conception II.




The main character is a Saint with the ability to purge demons. Being a unique Diving Being, the protagonist can create Ether, which is needed to use the power of the stars. He wears an Ether Archiver to use a special Twin Sword used in combat.


Due to the appearance of the Saint’s Marking on his body, he’s been admitted into Another Tera Academy. After taking a test to measure the potential of Saints, it was determined that he has explosive ether values and was certified as a Divine Being. He seems to have a deep feeling of resentment towards demons that are from Muzzle Circle.




She is the first female Saint that the main character meets. Her weapon of choice is the Twin Gun. Fuuko is an easy-going and courageous young girl who easily opens her heart to others. She can never watch a person in trouble and not do anything about it. Compared to other Saints, she considers herself to be guided by common sense, although sometimes her thoughts get the best of her.




He is a classmates with the main character. While Kurotsugu and Fuuko were being attacked by demons, they were saved by the main character. Kurotsugu is always energetic and easily elated. He cares deeply for his friends and often gives the main character advice.




Ellie is a year younger than the main character and uses a Summon Gun in battle. She’s a light-hearted girl who is always pleasant to be around. She may seem childish and cute, but she has a keen sense of awareness and knows what goes on around her. It seems as though she and the main character know each other from the past.




Phine is a Sword Gun user in her third year as a Saint. She’s a serious character with a very strong sense of justice. She’s been deployed to other continents and her fighting ability is said to be the top of the Saints. She seems to be a cool character but occasionally shows her girly side.




Narika is the class committee deputy and sits next to the main character. Her weapon of choice is the Shot Bow Gun. She doesn’t have much confidence in herself and tends to be shy, but deep down she is a strong and kind female Saint. She doesn’t realize it but she has a very bold sense of fashion.


Conception II is slated for released this Summer for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita.

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