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Conception Plus Changes Main Heroine Mahiru’s Personality To Something A Bit More Pleasant


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Spike Chunsoft has released more details on Conception Plus’ gameplay. There have been updates to how people will be socializing with the Star Maidens you’ll need to make Star Children with and changes have been made to main heroine Mahiru’s personality. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Communication with the Star Maidens

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In order to birth strong Star Children, you’ll need to proactively talk to the Star Maidens and strengthen your bond with them. The stronger the bond, the higher the base stats and level cap your Star Children will have.


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During your talks with the Star Maidens, you’ll encounter dialogue choices you can make, which will influence their mood and how much your relationship will improve. You’ll need to choose the right choices, depending on the personality of the Maiden you’re talking to.

Depending on the conversation flow, Touch Communication events may pop up. This will allow you to touch the Star Maidens, with one example being patting them on the head.


Chain & Over Chain

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In battle, you can begin a Chain by attacking a Kegare consecutively. This decreases the action speed of the targeted Kegare, making it easier to continue the chain. Over Chains are a stronger version of that, which slows down all enemies and increases damage depending on the combo count on the main Kegare being targeted by Over Chain. You’ll also get more KP (Kizuna Points) and more EXP depending on your combo.


Mahiru Konatsuki

conception 7

“Sorry for calling you out here in the middle of exam week.”

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“You’re late, Itsuki. By twelve seconds.”

In the original PSP version, Mahiru was well-known for being a bit too mean to Itsuki, to the point where there were some complaints that Mahiru didn’t seem to be a main heroine. In the PS4 version, Spike Chunsoft has changed Mahiru to be a bit nicer and easier to get close to.

The currently ongoing Conception anime has already implemented these changes since Episode 1. If you want to see a bit more of what Mahiru was like back then, check out this video below (beginning from the 1 minute mark):


Conception Plus: Please Deliver My Child! will be released in Japan on January 31, 2019 for PlayStation 4.

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