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Conception Plus Details New Character Arfie And How To Battle Alongside Your Star Children


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Spike Chunsoft has revealed more details about Conception Plus’ new character Arfie, who originated from the anime, as well as a recap on how you create babies to join your team for dungeon traversal. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Arfie (CV: Ai Kakuma)

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A young girl who trains the Star Children at the day care. She’s straightforward and kind, and hates anything that’s unfair. Because she feels a strong sense of responsibility, she’s sometimes strict when instructing the Star Children.


The Stardust Labyrinth

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Granvania’s evil “Kegare” are sealed in the depths of the Stardust Labyrinth within 12 Star Seals, but after 120 years, they lose their sealing power and become Kegare Gods. In order to place new Star Seals, these Kegare Gods must be defeated. Itsuki, the protagonist, plays a major role in this by traveling into the depths of the dungeons with his Star Children.


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The Stardust Labyrinth is split into four seasons, each with ten floors. They then split into another three dungeons that lead to the twelve Star Seals. The Impurities in the dungeon get stronger every five floors, and waiting 15 floors under is an Impure God to be defeated. At the same time, each floor has a quick exit back to the surface, so if you get into a pinch, you should immediately head there.


Star Children and the Battle System

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Star Children are the children of the Marebito (Itsuki) and the Star Maidens. They aren’t normal children, but rather warriors born with the duty of purifying the Kegare. The Star Children can choose different job classes based on their stats, and your battle strategy can shift greatly depending on your team. Their stats will change based on the Star Maiden who birthed them.


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Star Children are organized into three teams of four, plus Itsuki himself. You can attack enemies from four different directions, with each team being able to occupy one cardinal direction. Most enemies have weak points in a particular direction, and you can utilize skills and classes like the Archer class to focus your attacks on their weakness.


Conception Plus: Please Deliver My Child! releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan in Winter 2018.

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