Console Modder Turns PlayStation One Into Final Fantasy VII’s Midgar



    Spanish console modder MakoMod has transformed a PlayStation One into a working model of Midgar, the technologically advanced city from Final Fantasy VII.


    The modification took just over eight months being built from scratch with original models created by cold casting with aluminium for a real metal finish. As the video above showcases, the console is fully functional, which is why it may be of interest to know that it’s being sold on eBay. However, do note that it’s restricted to PAL – Europe only.


    If you look closely, you can see that not only is the large structure of Midgar included in the model, but also smaller details such as Aerith’s church and the train station where Final Fantasy VII starts. It also has LEDs in places that light up when the console is turned on, and some parts glow in the dark.


    More pictures of the modded console are below. And if you try to bid for it on eBay, well, good luck to you.





    Chris Priestman

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