Control Heroes In Three Different Timelines In Reverse: Time Collapse



An accident hurls the protagonists of Reverse: Time Collapse into several different timelines. Their actions in each of those epochs will have effects on the other heroes, with the hopes that they will eventually break the chain of events that lead to the time-travelling mishap.




Reverse: Time Collapse will use stealth and action elements, letting players dodge shootouts or engage in firefights across history. It will also feature puzzles similar to an adventure game.




Each of the three playable characters will have their own unique skillsets. Their actions across the different timelines, many featuring real-world historical events, will cause changes in the timelines of the others, meaning they must all work together to repair the damage done to time itself.


665818316_preview_Over-Time Gameplay 1


Reverse: Time Collapse is projected to release in Fall 2017. It has already been Greenlit, and a Kickstarter will be starting for it soon.

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