Conversation, Not Just Training, Will Strengthen The Ladies Of Cherry Tree High Girls’ Fight



Players will be recruiting and training a group of fighting women, guiding them through 3 on 3 card-based battles in Cherry Tree High Girls’ Fight, available now on Steam.




Cherry Tree High Girls’ Fight has players recruiting a team of three girls from fifteen available fighters, each with their own styles and personalities. From there, it’s up to the player to train them to hone their skills, preparing them for their matches. Once in the ring, it’s up to the player to read their opponent’s moves to know which way to counter and defeat them.




Talking with the girls can be as important as training them. Players can chat with their fighters on an array of subjects, and what they choose to talk about will unlock different scenarios over the course of play. This can give a great deal of flexibility in the story, encouraging multiple playthroughs.




Cherry Tree High Girls’ Fight is the third game in developer 773’s Cherry Tree High series, with Cherry Tree High Comedy Club and Cherry Tree High I! My Girls! coming before it.

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