Cooperatively Tell (Or Ruin) A Detective Story In Antioch: Scarlet Bay




In cooperative interactive fiction game Antioch: Scarlet Bay, two players will use their mobile devices to try to solve a mysterious crime, each voting on how to guide the story with dialogue options.




The developers call Antioch: Scarlet Bay an “interactive gamebook” where each player takes on the role of a different cop. Each has a say in where the story will go and what they will investigate, taking turns choosing dialogue options that will carry the story along. Whether they agree or not is where some of the challenges and unique plot twists will come into play.




Both players will need to be paying attention to find the clues they need, as the game expects players to use observational skills to find them. The developers do not go into just how that will work with the interactive fiction element, though.




Antioch: Scarlet Bay is expected to release sometime before the end of 2016.

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