Corgi Mount Unleashed In Elsword, Rose Gets 4th Job Path


Corgi Mount In Elsword

There’s much ado in KOG Games’ Elsword. A Corgi mount has descended upon the land. Meanwhile, as players enjoy romping around with man’s best friend, Rose gets busy building some friends of her own. Rose has been updated with her 4th job class path, Metal Heart, and it puts some powerful machines in her hands.


To make sure fans realize just how cute and cuddly the big dog mount is, they’ve put together a bouncy gameplay trailer complete with Christina Vee’s “Party Corgi” playing in the background. Players can purchase the Corgi mount in the Item Mall.



Rose is one of the newest characters in Elsword, and her 3rd job path was added only a couple weeks ago. With her new 4th job path, Rose is assisted by her Nasod-inspired army of bots. She uses them to quickly barrage enemies with rapid fire attacks. The Metal Heart path unlocks at Level 15. At Level 35 she can unleash her ultimate attack: Optimus.


Optimus is described in a press release as follows:


For old school sci-fi and Anime fans, at level 35, Rose can advance the Metal Heart Job to Elsword’s ultimate bastion of all things sci-fi, Optimus.  From glowing discs of death, desdroid mechas and lock-on laser fire, Optimus keeps the opposition manned… err mek’d. However, once Optimus has the resources to activate the Hyperactive Skill ‘Mech Volt MX’. When activated, a battloid styled mech erupts onto the scene and rains down a salvo of lasers, missiles and brass upon the target hostiles, and then sticks around to protect Rose and lay down cover fire.


See Rose unleash Optimus in the video below.