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Corpse Party 3DS Will Keep Japanese Voiceovers, Won’t Be Censored



XSEED Games announced that Corpse Party is headed to PC on April 25. They also revealed that the 3DS version is releasing in North America this summer, and have provided additional details on the handheld version. [Thanks, Nintendo Everything.]


Here are some of the tidbits XSEED provided on the 3DS version of the game:


– Worry the First: The 3DS version has no voice-acting, right?

Wrong! The 3DS version is fully voiced, utilizing the exact same Japanese-language voice recordings as the PSP version of the game, in all their 3D binaural glory. I think the origin of this rumor may have been the four 3DS-exclusive Extra Chapters – new content created specifically for this version of the game. These four Extra Chapters are not voiced (save for flashbacks to other parts of the game), but every other Chapter and Extra Chapter is, with not a single voice file from the PSP version missing or unaccounted for.


– Worry the Second: The 3DS version has to be censored, right?

Nope! All versions of Corpse Party released by XSEED Games are presented to you with no content removed or altered whatsoever (save for the small handful of sniggly things we had to change for legal reasons, like a Nokia ringtone). The ESRB M rating exists for a reason, after all, and our M rating for Corpse Party 3DS has already been secured.



– Worry the Third: No physical for 3DS, right?

Incorrect! The 3DS version will be available either digitally via the Nintendo 3DS eShop for $29.99, or physically in a “Back to School Edition” for $49.99 (pictured above). The Back to School Edition includes figurines of the characters Naomi Nakashima and Seiko Shinohara (with interchangeable faces), as well as a nearly 80-minute music CD containing all the remaining PSP/3DS version Corpse Party music we couldn’t fit on our “Songs of the Dead” compilation (as well as a few tracks unique to the 3DS version of the game!). So physical Corpse Party 1 is a go, for the first time ever in English!



– Worry the Fourth: I heard some of the PC version content was too gruesome for the PSP version of the game! Is that true? And is that gruesome content present in your PC release?!


We’ve heard that too… from you guys! The rumor is, some of the content from the PC version was removed for the handheld ports solely to prevent the game from getting too high a CERO rating in Japan, but I’m… honestly not sure if that’s true or not. There are definitely some endings unique to the PC version, but none of them seem any more gruesome than some of the endings present in all versions of Corpse Party. There’s a rather unsettling insect-related scene in the PC game that isn’t present in the PSP version, but that’s likely because the PC game was released episodically in Japan, and Chapter 5 (where the scene in question plays) didn’t actually come out until after the PSP game, meaning it’s more of an addition for PC fans than an omission for PSPers. (This is supported by the scene’s subsequent inclusion in the 3DS version of the game.)


Other than the odd ending here and there, the only thing I know for certain that was removed from the PC version when it made the jump to PSP is… a trail of blood on the hallway floor during one particular scene. I can’t say for certain why that was removed, but I don’t see how it would’ve affected the game’s content rating when other parts of the game are far, far more disturbing.


And either way, once again, you needn’t worry about things being removed or altered on our end: everything present in the final Japanese PC release of the game will be present in our PC release as well, just as everything present in the Japanese 3DS game will be present in our 3DS release. We will be making absolutely no content changes on either front.



Corpse Party will release for PC on April 25, 2016. The Nintendo 3DS version will release in North America in summer 2016.

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