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Corpse Party: Blood Drive Nintendo Switch ESRB Rating Appears


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An ESRB Rating suggests a Corpse Party: Blood Drive Nintendo Switch port is on the way. In the Recently Rated section, just between Bendy and the Ink Machine’s console ports and Luigi’s Mansion for the Nintendo 3DS, is a summary for a port of the sequel to the original game. (As a reminder, the original Corpse Party has not been ported to system.


The ESRB Rating says Xseed JKS as the company behind the Corpse Party: Blood Drive Nintendo Switch version, which tracks since it handled the PlayStation Vita release. It gives it a rating of Mature for Blood, Partial Nudity, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes, and Violence.


Here is the ESRB Rating Summary for the Nintendo Switch version of Corpse Party: Blood Drive.

This is a survival-horror adventure game in which players help students escape a haunted school. From an over-head perspective, players traverse environments, avoid monsters, and interact with various objects and characters. Cutscenes sometimes depict various acts of violence: a man stabbing himself with a knife; a character crucified and burned. Violence is also described in text (e.g., “She continued to hack at me, again and again. . . From behind me, I could hear the sound of blood gushing into the air from the gaping hole above my neck”). Blood is frequently depicted near corpses and when characters are injured. During the course of the game, a handful of sequences depict characters whose nude bodies are partially obscured by lights, steam, and/or other body parts. Some sequences are accompanied by suggestive dialogue (e.g.,“Not that I’d expect you to be too turned on by these raisins o’mine," "Hey, stop jiggling them,” "And where do you think you’re touching?! Those are my boobs!”). The words “f**k” and “sh*t” are heard in dialogue.


In Corpse Party: Blood Drive, we follow Ayumi Shinozaki, one of the survivors of the events of Corpse Party, is trying to make amends for what happened two months later. She is trying to regain the Shinozaki family’s Book of Shadows, which contains forbidden information and magic, and use it at Heavenly Host Elementary in the hopes of performing a ritual that will bring back the characters who died in the original Corpse Party. It goes about as well as you would expect.


Corpse Party: Blood Drive is immediately available on the PlayStation Vita and both Android and Apple iOS devices worldwide.

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