Side Scroll Studios is making what must be one of the most colorful 2D metroidvanias to ever exist. It’s called Corpses ‘N Souls.


The bright amalgamation of colors you can see in the screenshots is the result of combining dark gothic and vibrant sci-fi influences. What you’re seeing is the distant E-K planets of the universe’s Epsilon quadrant, at least, according the developer.


It’s here that a “Soul Revolution” is happening, with a great number of souls being harvested by various alien species to power their armies before they commit to another “Soul War.” This is where you coming, right after choosing a species and creating a class to play as.



Not just a metroidvania, Corpses ‘N Souls is, apparently, fused with Diablo-like action-RPG elements so that it’s a combination combat and defense, harvesting corpses and souls, and crafting new spells and abilities.


You’ll fight through lots and lots of ghouls, collecting loot, and improving your character with new skills so that you can take on bigger ghouls and harvest even bigger souls. Nothing too complex, then.


You can check out the Corpses ‘N Souls  website for more updates on the game’s development as they arrive.

Chris Priestman

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