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Cosmic Star Heroine Could Take Up To 20 Hours To Complete


Zeboyd Games has discussed the progress that has been made recently on sci-fi RPG Cosmic Star Heroine in a January update.


First off, there are two new screenshots. The one above shows the main characters walking across a steel bridge. The screenshot below shows Alyssa’s quarters at the Agency of Peace & Intelligence.


Secondly, Zeboyd reckons that the game will take about 10-14 hours to complete, with an additional 3-6 hours added to that if you were to take on the major side-quests. And that’s not including New Game+, of course.


Regarding those side-quests, Zeboyd says that they’re not like the ones in its previous games, i.e. small monster fights with loot at the end. In Cosmic Star Heroine, the side-quests are attached to all the playable characters except Alyssa. “We’re having a lot of fun with these (including some homages to some of our favorite games) and hope you will too,” Zeboyd wrote in the update.


Next, Zeboyd revealed that the game will have optional VR battles. While in a dungeon, you’ll be able to enter a VR mode from the menu in order to fight random enemies for XP and loot. “And in your base, there will be a special VR battle unit that you can use to fight extra hard bosses – these won’t give XP or money but they will give you special rewards like powerful equipment the first time you beat each one,” Zeboyd wrote.


Zeboyd also says that its toying with how to handle difficulty in Cosmic Star Heroine, focusing on three options: multiple difficulty choices, a main difficulty with optional content for more challenges, or gameplay modifiers that make the game harder but reward you more.

Chris Priestman