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Could Sony Finally Be Adding A Wish List Feature To The PlayStation Store On PS4?


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A Sony patent, filed back in November 2016, was recently published, and it suggests that wish lists may be coming to PlayStation Store. Currently, wish lists are only available on the web browser version of PlayStation Store in the form of a heart icon, and the browser version wish list does not carry over to the PS4.



The current look of the PS4 Store. Notice the missing icon on the right.

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The patent suggests that the wish lists would be user account-based. Players can also create different wish list categories. For example, you could choose to add a wanted game into ‘Ben’s Wishlist’, or create a new wishlist named ‘Must Have’ and add the wanted product to that instead.


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Figure 6 shows off what’s in the ‘Netflix and Chill’ wish list, showing that wish list items are not limited to games and game add-ons, but movies as well. More interestingly, Figure 7 shows that wish lists can be shared with other users through PS Plus (likely friends only), so that friends can easily look over and buy the same things as you if they wish. Players can also directly share recommended content so that they can directly be added to the wishlists.


As for the curious ‘Discover’ icon, it’s really just an interactive tutorial on how to create your own wish lists.


Considering the the 2016 filing date, it’s curious that the feature has not appeared in one of the PlayStation 4’s myriad updates. This suggests that there may have been setbacks in terms of implementation. Still, this gives hope for people who regularly browse the PS Store through PS4 and sorely wish for a wish list function.

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