Could This Be The Year We Finally Get A New Ape Escape Game?



2016 is the Year of the Monkey according to the Chinese zodiac, and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan shared a little Ape Escape reference on Twitter to start the new year.


The tweet featured the above image, accompanied with the message: “2016 Year of the Monkey. Today, SCE will begin working! #Monkey #YearofMonkey”


While this by no means is an announcement of a new Ape Escape game, it’s been about five years since we last saw a title from the series with PlayStation Move Ape Escape, and ten years since the last main-numbered title in the series with Ape Escape 3.


In any case, the fans seem pretty excited about the prospect having a new Ape Escape title announcement this year, and I personally think that a PlayStation VR game would be a pretty cool one to see.

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