Country Life RPG Stardew Valley Gets A Steam Page, Listed As “Coming Soon”



After several years of development it seems that the Harvest Moon-like RPG Stardew Valley will be finished and ready to release soon. Why is that? It now has a Steam page that lists it as “Coming Soon.”


Stardew Valley is the work of one-man developer ConcernedApe but is being assisted and published by Starbound creator Chucklefish.


It’s an open-ended country life RPG that supports up to four players in co-op. On your farm, you’re able to grow crops, maintain livestock, and construct new buildings as well as decorate your house.


Outside of that you can visit the nearby village and its market where you can meet other characters and perhaps even find someone to marry. As well as cooking, fishing, and crafting, you can venture into the randomly generated cave systems to find new resources and battle creatures.

Chris Priestman