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Coven And Labyrinth Of Galleria Gives A Clearer Look At The Demon’s Gallery, New Facets, And More


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Nippon Ichi Software has given a full rundown of Coven and Labyrinth of Galleria’s features alongside new screenshots via press release, showing off both returning features as well as new classes, new systems, and a clearer look at the demon’s art gallery.



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A remote mansion found in the deep forest, which houses an entrance to the labyrinth beneath it. True to its name, its a gallery of art objects that have been stored there by demons. Among these objects are Uniques that house special powers, but are said to bring bad luck to whoever possesses it.


New Facets

Wonder Corsair

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Battle pros who’ve mastered various weaponry. While they valiantly face off against strong foes, they also prioritize helping allies and surviving. They’re balanced attackers with a good mix of attack and defense.



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Shinomashira are elite warriors from the Mashira clan, who come from an Eastern country. Blunt Hammers are their forte, and they blaze through using their physical skills in frontline fights.


Creating Puppet Soldiers and Covens

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Like the previous game, you, as the Spirit Lamp, will need to guide Puppet Soldiers in the magic-filled labyrinths. in order to do so, you will help create Puppet Soldiers by deciding upon their appearance, growth rates, skills, personality, Facet, and more, and organize them into Covens.


In the dungeons themselves, you’ll be able to see the enemies roaming the field, and approach them when you’re ready.


Battle System

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What’s the Liberation meter above the character portraits?


Player turns are spent choosing actions for Covens, which each attack together as a group, cast spells alongside other Covens, or activate skills alone. While each Coven can only have three attackers, there can be up to eight Puppet Soldiers in a Coven depending on the pact, with the other five contributing in different ways. That means at most, you can be bringing along up to 40 Puppet Soldiers at once.


Critical Gore

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A returning system, scoring Critical Gores on enemies allows players to weaken their stats and fighting ability. Criticals occur depending on the Coven’s attributes. However, Critical Gores can also happen to player units, where they will lose parts of their puppet bodies and thus get lowered stats. If a Critical Gore occurs to a puppet’s head, they are knocked out immediately. Broken puppet parts can only be fixed back at base.



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Formations are important in this game, and are decided by the positions of your Covens and whether they are in the front or back row. You can use formations focusing of attacking, or a pincer attack formation with the two Forwards on the side.



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Miramachina are new automaton puppets that can be called out and placed in front of Covens. They support Covens with various skills, but only last only a few turns and cannot be commanded. Each Miramachina has different specializations, with some focusing on defense and some on attack.


More screenshots:

galleria 18

The “Red Tribuna” room in the middle of Galleria acts as your base.


galleria 19

Things don’t just happen in the dungeon – the story will also progress aboveground.


galleria 20

Just like the previous game, you’ll be able to break down walls with points to create your own paths.


Coven and the Labyrinth of Galleria will have a regular version and a Limited Edition as well, plus first-print bonuses. The Limited Edition includes a soundtrack, a special box, and more, while the first-print bonus gives a special theme for PS4 and PS Vita based on the game. The game will support PS4 Pro enhancements.


Here are the prices below:


Regular: 6,200 yen

Limited: 8,200 yen

Digital: 6,200 yen



Regular: 7,200 yen

Limited: 9,200 yen

Digital: 7,200 yen


Coven and Labyrinth of Galleria releases for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan on July 25, 2019. Read more about Madam Malta and her associates in the reveal post here.

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