Crash Skyrim With A Crash Bandicoot Mod


crash skyrim


It’s been seven year since Crash Bandicoot has received a proper game. Perhaps its time for him to appear in somebody else’s. For example, maybe aiding the Dragonborn will do him some good. It’s worth a try with a Crash Bandicoot Follower or armor mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

These Skyrim mod is created by manuelx98 and either allows a player to look like Crash or add him as a potential follower for any player who grabs it from the Steam Workshop. No additional mods are needed for either package. Once the Crash Bandicoot Follower mod is added, a player needs only visit Dragonsreach’s Jarl and find Crash waiting nearby. If you go with Crash Bandicoot armor, you’ll find it in the Daedric section.


crash bandicoot armor skyrim crash armor crash bandicoot skyrim 2 crash bandicoot follower crash bandicoot skyrim


These are only two of manuelx98’s Skyrim mods. One Piece fans will be interested to know he also has a Brook armor and follower mod in the Steam Workshop.

Jenni Lada
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