Create, Befriend, Then Sacrifice Homunculi To Save Your Child In This Simulation Game


My Lovely Daughter asks players how far they would go to heal a loved one, having them create homunculi using alchemy, build up a relationship with them, and then sacrifice them to restore their dead daughter’s soul.

Screenshot - Sacrifice Story

Players are given a suite of alchemy materials, and depending on which ones they cobble together, they will create various kinds of homunculi for players to raise. They are able to keep several of these in their home at any one time, and can get them items or converse with them in order to help them grow, as well as bring them closer to the player.

The strength of the player’s relationship with the homunculi, as well as its unique properties, will dictate what aspects of the daughter’s soul they create. However, to draw out these parts of the soul, players will have to sacrifice the homunculi, losing it forever. These creatures are worth more if the player has built up a close bond with them, though, encouraging players to form a relationship with something they intend to kill.


Players looking to deal with the moral issues of developing a bond with something, only to kill it, can follow My Lovely Daughter’s development on the game’s site.

Alistair Wong
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