Create Your Own Hit Anime In Kairosoft’s Anime Studio Story


    You’ll probably know about Japanese mobile game studio Kairosoft for its first game, Game Dev Story. But it’s actually produced many more games in that style since then. The latest of which is called Anime Studio Story (via Pocket Gamer).


    Quite simply, it has you running your own anime studio. This involves hiring staff, getting a library and theater to educate them on everything anime, and kitting it out with a motion capture studio for the best quality animations.


    You’ll also need to create your own hero. You select a face and a body and then, hopefully, see them burst with popularity as they star in your anime. You’ll watch their popularity rise or sink in the rankings based on stats such as “Dateability,” and “Popular with Kids.”



    If you don’t manage your studio well enough then you won’t bring in the profits, meaning you’ll go out of business. So, no pressure, but everything is riding on you. Hopefully, if you’ve watched a lot of anime, you can put that knowledge into practice.


    You can purchase Anime Studio Story for $4.99 on Google Play.

    Chris Priestman

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