Creator Of Classic RPG Maker Series Is Writing For 16-Bit RPG Shadows Of Adam


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Shadows of Adam is an upcoming styled after 16-bit RPGs on the NES. Nothing unusual there. But it does at least have Luke Wacholtz, aka Lun Calsari, the creator of the six-part RPG Maker series The Way.


The Kickstarter for Shadows of Adam has launched as the team at developer Something Classic is looking for $20,000 to take the game through to completion. You can try out a demo that lasts between one and two hours right here.


“With Shadows of Adam, we aim not just to evoke nostalgia for the classic 16-bit JRPGs we know and love, but also to progress the genre,” writes Something Classic. As such, the game will have no random encounters, an AP system that encourages skill use rather than punishing it, dungeons each with unique exploration mechanics, select and purposeful skills, and artifacts that can truly change a hero’s fighting style.


As to the story, it follows the son and adopted daughter of the hero of the village of Adam. It’s up to them to learn a dark secret their father left behind and rise up like he did to fight the rising darkness.


If successful on Kickstarter, Shadows of Adam will be heading to Windows, Mac, and Linux. Depending on its success, it’s possible that it will also come to mobile, Wii U, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 too.

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