Creators Of Steel Assault Offer Refund After Switching The Game’s Art Style



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The creators of the NES-style action platformer Steel Assault have revealed a change in the game’s art style, moving from an 8-bit NES-style to a richer, more Genesis-like style with greater depth.


As the game was successfully Kickstarted at the beginning of 2015 for the original NES-style concept, refunds are being offered to anyone who doesn’t want to support the game with this new art style, otherwise all the previous rewards and promises remain intact.


The reason for the switch in art style is due to one of the creators doing a three month internship and earning double what the Kickstarter did in that time. He decided to funnel some of this money into the game’s art budget, which meant that the previous 8-bit restrictions – chosen due to the lack of budget – weren’t necessary and something more ambitious could be achieved.


The team also has a new recruit in Weston Tracy, who is one of the original backers of Steel Assault, and also a freelance videogame artist. He’ll be working on the game’s environments and general art direction going forward.

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