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Creepy Folklore Adventure Year Walk Is Coming To Wii U With New Features



Simogo has announced that it’s bringing creepy adventure game Year Walk to Wii U this summer or early fall with the help of Dakko Dakko. The game was released on iOS and PC previously but this console debut sees it getting new features.


Among these new features are motion controls. You move around scenes with the analog stick but to look around you simply move the GamePad around. Similarly, when interacting with puzzles and contraptions you move the GamePad. “For example, if you find something in the forest that you can spin or rotate, you’ll physically rotate the GamePad, with really finely tuned controls,” writes Simogo.



Simogo has also made use of the GamePad’s touchscreen, allowing you to take notes on the creatures you see and the puzzles you’re trying to solve without having to use a pen and paper. Finally, the encyclopedia, the map, and (optional) hints are readily available at all times on the GamePad screen rather than being tucked away somewhere else.


“There’s a bunch of other fun and surprising things that has been changed and added, and we really don’t want to spoil them for you, but we can assure you that some of them will make you smile big time,” Simogo added. “So, to be honest, we think that this is the definite and best version of the game.”



Year Walk is loosely based on an old Swedish tradition of the same name that involves performing a series of actions to temporarily lose one’s Christianity in order to see supernatural beings that tested the year walker with a series of tests that, when completed, would allow them a glimpse into the future.

Chris Priestman