A Creepy Painting Makes For An Unsettling Enemy In Your Last Day



A bloody painting seems to be dogging the player throughout a strange hotel in Your Last Day, offering hints as to why the player is there and why they might deserve to be chased down in the dark halls.

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Your Last Day drops players in the middle of an abandoned hotel, tasking them with escaping. To do that, they’ll have to wander the dark halls searching for a way out, but will continually come across a familiar face in a bloody painting. This painting will offer clues or unsettling ramblings when the player is nearby, with writing appearing on the walls around it. Players will continually come across this presence as they explore.

There is a much more dangerous presence in the hotel, though, which comes in the form of a hulking beast. Players will need to avoid this creature across the game’s short duration, but juggle seeking clues and dealing with the painting’s frightful messages at the same time.


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