Play Crimesight from Konami on a Free Demo Weekend Prior to Launch

Crimesight pre-launch free demo weekend play session release date April 12 2022

The upcoming multiplayer mystery-solving Konami game Crimesight will hold a free demo event on April 9 and 10, 2022. Interested players can register for the planned “Pre-launch Play Session” ahead of the full release date of Crimesight on April 14, 2022.

Konami bills Crimesight as a “PvP mystery simulation game.” It takes place in future London, where an AI called Foresight has developed the ability to predict crime, allowing authorities to prevent 90% of worldwide criminal activity. Within the Foresight system is another AI called Sherlock, named after the fictional ace detective. Working against Foresight to stymie the authorities’ coverage is a new, upstart criminal mind, codenamed “Moriarty” after Sherlock’s nemesis. The two AIs face off in their attempts to carry out and solve the perfect murder.

Check out the Crimesight release date announcement trailer below.

In practice, Crimesight involves two-to-four players, with the ability to control several “avatar” NPCs spread throughout the stage. During a match, one random avatar is designated as the “Target” and another the “Killer.” Players on the Moriarty team must arrange the situation so that the Killer avatar is given the opportunity to murder the target. That involves ensuring the Killer has a weapon and is alone with the Target in a room.

Meanwhile, players on the Sherlock team must prevent the kill from taking place by gathering clues and making deductions based on available information. The victor is determined when either the Sherlock team is able to defend the Target and unmask the Killer, or when the Moriarty team manages to make the kill.

Check out some more detailed gameplay, with developer commentary and English subtitles, from the Crimesight closed beta test held in 2021.

Players interested in participating in the free Crimesight demo can sign up to join the pre-launch play session by following the official Twitter account, joining the game’s Discord server, and filling out the application form on the official website. The application period will last until April 7, 2022.

The schedule of the free demo weekend is as follows:

  • April 9, 2022 – 19:00 – 23:59 (PDT)
  • April 10, 2022 – 18:00 – 22:59 (UTC)
  • April 10, 2022 -19:00 – 23:59 (JST)

Crimesight launches on PC on April 14, 2022.

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