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Cross Reverie Will Definitely Be Coming To Consoles, PlayStation First [Update]


Sinxsoft has pulled its dark Japanese-style RPG Cross Reverie from Kickstarter but for all the right reasons. The studio revealed in an update that it secured a private investor.


With this expanded budget, Sinxsoft says it is able to “add in some of the content stretch goals [it] really wanted like the Story Arcs Twins of Darkness & Legacy of the Ancients as well as some other perks.” However, the studio added that this comes at the expense of having to use premade environments for some locations, not upgrading two-year-old art, and probably having to limit some enemy variations to a simple palette swap.


Some good and some bad, then. But there’s even better news on the back of this announcement. One of the main reasons that Sinxsoft decided to run with this private investor is due to being able to bring Cross Reverie to all of the planned platforms (which were limited to stretch goals in the Kickstarter).


“We’ll be working on the ports following the PC release in the order of PS4/Vita, Wii U & Xbox One, which was one of the reasons we opted in this direction to be able to cater to all fans regardless of platforms,” Kovalen Ramalingam of Sinxsoft told Siliconera.


Correction: Due to a misunderstanding, the article states that with the new funding, Cross Reverie will have premade environments will have to be used, two year old art, and enemy variations limited to palette swaps. However, this is not the case, as in fact the extra funding previous limitations on the game’s production are removed.

Chris Priestman