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CrossCode’s Accessibility Options Let You Play Your Way

CrossCode Switch Playtest

Accessibility in games has been quite the hot topic in the past couple of years. There are several reasons behind the movement, most notably reducing the barrier of entry for newer players and people who may not have as much time to play as they once did. CrossCode is the latest game to offer players a way to customize how they experience the world around them.

CrossCode Switch Playtest

Having the option to tweak how I play games is a welcome one. While I will always do my best to run through a game without lowering my standard difficulty option, there are times when I just have to take a step back from hard to normal mode. And full disclosure, as much as I love twin stick(y) games, I am not all that great at them. So after getting my butt handed to me a few times early on in CrossCode, a quick trip into the settings was required.

In the Assists tab, you’ll see three adjustable areas. The first two are strictly combat-based. For my sessions, I turned the received damage down a notch from 100% to 80% (it didn’t let me select 90%) and left the attack frequency at max. This way I could balance out my horrible left stick work and still take on the regular amount of enemies encountered. For some reason trying to move and block using the left Joy-con causes me a lot of grief. Perhaps I need to be playing more games on the Switch…

CrossCode Switch Playtest

If the puzzle aspects are holding you back, turning down the speed is in your best interest. This won’t affect every puzzle type; only those using moving platforms seem to be affected as far as I’ve seen so far. I suggest taking a deep breath and working through them methodically if you find yourself stumped on any of the other puzzles. Some of them are easily solved via patience and trial and error.

CrossCode does a great job of varying the sorts of puzzles you encounter as you progress through the story. They are the one aspect of the game I look forward to the most as I travel through CrossWorlds in search of answers. Heading into a dungeon to work my brain after grinding for experience might just be my absolute favorite part of the whole game.

CrossCode Switch Playtest

If you’re in the market for a new action-RPG, CrossCode Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 versions are now available. It was previously released on Steam.

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