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Crows’ Protagonist Is Ready To Beat Down Thugs On PlayStation 4 And Vita



    Bandai Namco recently announced that they’re working on a game for the Crows series, where you’ll take on delinquents in an all-boys high school. Famitsu shares some of the first details on the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Vita title, Crows: Burning Edge.


    The stage is set in the infamous Suzuran All-Boys High School, where wits and endurance are pretty much the only school supplies that are necessary. The story starts out with the protagonist Harumichi Bouya transferring to the school, as he readies to throw down with his new schoolmates.


    While Harumichi is devoted to fighting the fair fight, doesn’t really like forming groups, but it doesn’t seem like the others will always be willing to go by his ways. Crows: Burning Edge will follow the original story and depict some of the drama that unfolds in the series.


    Suzuran High School might sound like it has some of the most badass of delinquents, but the game features other groups and gangs, such as those of the Housen Academy, the Kurotaki Alliance, and the Front of Armament that feature some of their own fierce characters.


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    The above screenshots depict a fight at the Shinmachi 4th Warehouse, where Harumichi will step up against the local biker gang, the Front of Armament. You can expect to have some more intense battle scenes with Harumichi and the others.


    Crows: Burning Edge is slated for release in Japan this winter for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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