Crush Enemies With Magic & Your Fists In Wizard Of Legend



Players must find their way through randomly-generated dungeons, using hand-to-hand combat skills and powerful magic to beat Wizard of Legend.




Players must learn to chain spells and melee attacks together to do well in Wizard of Legend. The game encourages good positioning and attack flow, with each magic attack having a specific range or firing direction. With over 100 planned spells across several playable wizards, the game will offer several possible attack schemes for players to draw from.




The game is set to have many different items to discover while fighting through the dungeons, and players can also bring a friend with them for co-op play (or a foe for PVP).




Wizard of Legend has no set release date as of yet, but is expected to come out sometime this year. Players can sign up on the game’s site for beta access.

Alistair Wong
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