Cryamore Kickstarter Refunds Will Begin Being Sent Out in March

cryamore kickstarter refunds

Cryamore creator Rob Porter issued a final update on the Kickstarter and, as it turns out, refunds are on the way. The project launched in January 2013 and earned $242,309 from 5909 people via the service as of February 2013. In what is billed as the “final update,” a March 2021 window was issued as a date for when people will begin getting their money back. The update also claimed that Cryamore will eventually be made and released.

Porter briefly mentioned how the Cryamore Kickstarter refund process will work. The team will contact people who backed the game. Once someone gets a message, they can offer details on how they would like to get the oney they put in back. People who contributed at tiers that would have resulted in NPCs added, which started at $750, can choose if the character remains in the game.

Here is a portion of Porter’s statement, which noted the team also received money from Atlus to develop Cryamore and said both assets and music are already completed.

What I am going to do next is refund every last one of you, starting the beginning of March [2021]. I have never once asked for more money after this Kickstarter campaign for this game’s development (outside of funding from Atlus), neither asked for money in general for nothing in return (outside of a small art book I tried to get off the ground but met with similar problems and really bad luck that I also will be taking care of), yet we were constantly labeled as scammers and thieves for majority of the development while working. (We still have money left in our contract with Atlus, but we didn’t touch it due to taking a step back and analyzing development correctly.)

We want to work on the remainder of the game at our own pace, without Kickstarter backers leaving rude comments in our emails, without anyone’s money held captive, and exactly to how WE want it envisioned. The game is real and exists. The soundtrack is essentially finished. There are thousands upon thousands of individual assets we’ve made. I have every receipt throughout the entire development. It is FAR from dead. And it’s going to be made exactly how I want it, away from extravagant outdated promises made here on this platform in order to even succeed.

While updates appeared rather regularly up through 2016, they began to drop off in 2017. Only two Cryamore updates were offered in 2018, in March and May. Only one update appeared in 2019, which partially went over how much had been done so far. The developers didn’t offer any news at all in 2020.

The Cryamore stretch goals said it would come to the Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Ouya, and mobile devices. It is apparently still in development, though current platforms weren’t named. Cryamore Kickstarter refunds will begin rolling out in March 2021.

Jenni Lada
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