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Crying RPG Crystar Details Its Story About Death And Revival In An Afterlife World



Crystar’s story starts out with two sisters Rei and Mirai who find themselves lost in an afterlife world called Limbo but things go awry before they could find a way back to reality.


Here’s the latest summary on Crystar’s story from FuRyu via the game’s official website.


When Rei awakens, she finds herself in a world she’s never seen before. Overwhelmed by the strange world where souls of the dead wander about,  she meets her sister Mirai who was also lost in the other world.


Rei takes her frightened sister’s hand and promises to find a way back to reality, but they get separated after a sudden collapse of the ground. In despair, Rei hears a voice of the guardian Heraclitus who offers her power, which she accepts and advances further into the other world to find Mirai.


Before she could find her sister, Rei runs into a woman who goes by the name “Anamnesis.” Realizing that Anamnesis was the one responsible for sending her and Mirai into the other world, Rei challenges her to a fight and fights desperately in hopes of returning home together with Mirai.


However, the recently-awakened power becomes uncontrollable, and Rei gradually loses all reason. And just like that, as though to mock Rei, Anamnesis disappears.


Worried about her older sister Rei who has been acting weird, Mirai reaches out to her. “It’s okay now. That’s right, I still want you to hold my hand, big sister.”



When the berserk Rei reaches out for Mirai’s hand, she ends up killing her sister with her very own hands.



Rei is in disbelief of having killed her own sister, but just before she was taken over by chaos, two demons named Mephis and Pheles appeared before her. They tell her that once Mirai’s soul reaches the very end of Limbo, she will completely disappear. However, they tell her that if she follows their instructions as an “Agent” of the demons, there’s a chance that she can “Revive” Mirai before she disappears for good.


Having heard the proposition, Rei is determined to give everything in order to save Mirai. And the girls fall into a merciless fate…


Crystar releases in Japan on October 18, 2018 for PlayStation 4. Learn more about Anamnesis and other characters as well as battle system info in our previous report. You can also read up on the key characters with profiles for Rei, Mirai, Mephis, Pheles, and Heraclitus here.

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