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Crying RPG Crystar Introduces Anamnesis, Kokoro, Sen,777, Battle System Info



Crystar is an upcoming action RPG by Gemstone about a girl who gets sent to the afterlife with her sister and kills her after going berserk, then signs a pact with the devil to revive her. Publisher FuRyu shared the latest details in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]


Anamnesis (CV: Kikuko Inoue)


A demon.


Kokoro Fudouji (CV: Yuka Iguchi)


An avenging demon who fights with her fists. She has a guardian named Diogenes that specializes in attacks with its giant claws.


Sen Megumiba (CV: Honoka Inoue)

A hero of justice. She wields a two-handed sword which she can use to pull off combos at speeds faster than the eye can see. She doesn’t do much damage on a single hit but makes up for it with the number of hits. Her guardian named Socrates also specializes in combo attacks.


777/Nanana (CV: Sumire Morohoshi)

A hedonist.



Crystar offers nine different types of skills for each character, and you’ll get to use them through a combination of the R1 button and the four buttons. You’ll get to set them any way and time you like.


The basic attacks are done with the square and triangle buttons. The triangle button is used as a heavy attack. You’ll also get to launch enemies in the air and follow up with a combo.


In Crystar you’ll only control one character at time, but it’ll be possible to switch between characters at any time. It’ll also be possible to perform combos while switching between characters.


Crystar releases in Japan on October 18, 2018 for PlayStation 4. Check previous report for more on its story plus character videos, You can also read up on the key characters with profiles for Rei, Mirai, Mephis, Pheles, and Heraclitus here.

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