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Cryptark – A Roguelike Shmup Of Raiding & Looting Generated Alien Ships


Cryptark is a roguelike shmup about finding and raiding alien starships, busting into the generated ships, blasting what’s inside, and escaping with valuable loot, should players survive.


Each of Cryptark’s ships is generated before the player makes contact with it, making it difficult to know what to expect on each run. Any number of alien defenses and drones could be waiting within the winding corridors players fly down, so they will need to stay flexible, equipping various tools from the game’s seventy weapons, in order to shoot down whatever resistance they meet inside. Many of these can only be acquired with the funds players get from a successful raid, though, so the best gear will have to be earned over time.

Players aren’t just competing against the aliens in an attempt to stay alive, as the game features a world leaderboard for players to fight over who is the best across the globe.


Cryptark has recently moved out of Early Access to a full release, available now on Steam and PS4.

Alistair Wong
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