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Crystar Is About A Useless Girl Who Must Revive Her Beloved Sister… That She Killed



We recently got a first look at Furyu’s upcoming action RPG Crystar that has a story written by Kanon scenario writer Naoki Hisaya about a girl who killed her sister and makes a deal with the devil to revive her. Key developers including FuRyu’s Fuyuki Hayashi and Hisaya-san shared more in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]


In the real-world part of the game, you’ll go in Rei’s room to prepare for battle, view collectibles, pet her dog, and more to enjoy everyday life through various angles.


The magazine also describes the combat as one that comes with various actions with speedy and refreshing battles.


Here are some quotes from FuRyu’s Fuyuki Hayashi:

  • “I wanted to make an original game that’s not only fun but something that can give players an optimistic feeling. This work is the embodiment of what I’ve been wanting to do.”


  • “I was saved by playing Kanon during a time of depression. I’ve been making exchanges with Hisaya-san before the project started, and I asked him as I thought he was a perfect fit for the theme of this game.”


  • “I had Nagi Yanagi do the lyrics for the theme song using Hisaya-san’s plot as a base, and I feel that its words are also a perfect fit for the image of the game.”


  • “The story is about the struggle of the protagonist who killed her beloved sister by her own hands, and she makes a deal with the devil in order to bring her back to life.”


  • “In order to do so, she’ll need to fight ghosts that are the product of human souls that got twisted as well as other revenants.”


  • “The protagonist overcoming struggles and finding her own way of thinking is just one of the themes and highlights of the game.”


  • Naoki Hisaya: “The protagonist might be misunderstood, but she’s truly an unfortunate girl. She’s a hikikomori (shut-in), bad at chores, has an unbalanced diet, and is a brat. Even after striking a deal with the devil she wonders if it’ll be okay. However, she’ll be one to grow the most through the story.”



  • “Mirai is a simple, cute, and honest girl.”


  • “The afterlife world tends to come with a dreadful image, but this game will have one that’s more fantasy.”




Crystar releases in Japan on October 18, 2018 for PlayStation 4. You can check out its teaser trailer here as well as more info on its staff and story here.

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