Cube And Me Is A Dungeon Crawler And Pet Sim Rolled Into One


Cube and Me is a combination of two distinct game types brought together under one title. It’s both a dungeon crawler and a pet sim, and the glue sticking this together are cute alien Cubes that you look after, customize, and battle.


You play as the 18-year-old Lyle Dyson whose simple life as a professional envelope folder is disrupted when the Cubes enter it. As Lyle, you have to raise the cubes, maintain your paying job, while also investigating the mystery behind this strange alien encounter.


Yui Jegnan and “Matt,” creators of Cube and Me, divide the game into three sections. Firstly, there’s the home life in which you interact, grow, and evolve your Cubes. You get to wash, feed, praise, and play with them here, and doing so will improve your home, as well as buying furniture for it.



Then there’s the dungeoneering in which you explore procedurally generated dungeons to find loot. There are also traps, gambling rooms, NPCs to meet, and other treasures to find. Materials you find can be turned into items for your Cubes.


Lastly, the battles section has you select a team of four Cubes (two main, two in support) in order to fight monsters. Each Cube has their own set of basic, hyper, and assist attacks. You need to maneuver them during battles, give them items when needed, and activate their Hyper Modes.


If any of this sounds appealing to you then you’ll want to check out Cube and Me’s Kickstarter campaign. The goal is to raise $15,000 to finish the game off. You can also vote for it on Steam Greenlight. And, not forgetting, there’s a demo that you can play in your browser.

Chris Priestman