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Cube Creator X Is An Arc System Works’ Latest Blocky RPG For Nintendo Switch




Cube Creator X is the latest in the line of Cube Creator games by Arc System Works, which started with Cube Creator 3D on Nintendo 3DS. The newly announced game comes out for Nintendo Switch on April 26, 2018.





Cube Creator X includes three modes: Adventure Mode, and the returning Creative  and Stage Builder Modes. In Adventure Mode, players start off in their Home World, where enemies don’t appear and building is encouraged, and journey off to different worlds through Gates when they are feeling adventurous.


For Creative Mode, players are given full reign of an area to create their own world, and in Stage Builder Mode, players can use gimmick cubes to create stages to travel through.


New content and systems:



There are 3 times more cube types than before, and size, weight, heat, and weather now affect cubes as well. For example, burning trees turn into ash, and plants need greenhouses to survive typhoons.




The player avatar can also be customized further than before, so that players can express their individuality.


Below is teaser gameplay for the upcoming game (with no sound):


Cube Creator X will be available for Nintendo Switch on April 26, 2018. Previously, Cube Creator saw its first retail release on 3DS with Cube Creator DX.

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