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Cube Life: Island Survival Might Be The First Minecraft-Like For Wii U


Color Zen creator Cypronia reckons that its “block building open-world survival game” Cube Life: Island Survival will be the first of its kind available on Wii U.


In other words, the studio is hoping to have the first Minecraft-like game on Wii U. It puts you on a deserted island where you either build whatever you want if you’re playing Creative Mode, or collect food, build a shelter, and fight for your life in Survival Mode.


While Cube Life is a Wii U-exclusive, and Cypronia says it “will not disappoint the Nintendo community,” one crucial feature it does seem to lack at the moment is any multiplayer functionality. That said, Cypronia says that it’s looking to work with any community that it picks up to deliver whatever they want within reason.


In any case, the plan is to launch the game in the Q2 2015, and if that’s the case, then Cube Life probably will be the first Minecraft-like for Wii U. That’s not certain, though. You see, there are two other Minecraft-like games apparently on their way to Wii U.



First off is UCraft by Nexis Games, which will also be coming to PS4, PC, and Xbox One apparently. While it did have multiplayer, UCraft seems to be much further behind in terms of development than Cube Life. Plus, it had a failed Kickstarter last year, leaving its future in an uncertain balance.


The other entry in this race is the rather lackluster-looking Stone Shire by Finger Gun Games. As with UCraft, Stone Shire will have local and online multiplayer, it doesn’t seem to be as close to being finished as Cube Life: Island Survival is at the moment.


It seems, then, that Cypronia’s claim of having the first game of its kind on the Wii U will be true. But whether it turns out to be the better of these three isn’t so certain. Hopefully, they’re all decent and offer slightly different experiences that are worth a look. Here’s to hoping.

Chris Priestman