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Cuphead’s E3 Trailer Shows Off Its Wild Boss Fights In 1930’s Cartoon-Style



Studio MDHR was able to show off a new E3 trailer for its upcoming run-and-gun platformer Cuphead during Microsoft’s press conference. The game will be heading to PC and Xbox One in 2016.


Featured are a number of the game’s boss fights, including a giant angry carrot in a vegetable patch, an enormous skeleton bursting out of a train, and a flying section against a huge mermaid emerging from the ocean. Everything seems to be big and very animated in this game.


As you can tell by simply watching the trailer, Cuphead combines the look of a hand-drawn 1930s cartoon with the kind of shooting challenges that Treasure provided in its early ‘90s games. It also throws in its own original jazz recordings for you to bob and weave to.


If you didn’t know, the game follows Cuphead and Mugman after they lose a gamble with the devil and have to repay him to save their lives. You can play it as a single player game or, if you have a friend you can bring in, it can be played co-op – one person as Cuphead, the other as Mugman.

Chris Priestman