Twice Circled has announced its pharmaceutical management game Big Pharma for PC. It’s inspired by games like Transport Tycoon and involves working with robots in a factory to come up with cures for humans that you can sell on for a profit.


Your task is to stay in business while purchasing ingredients, in order to process them through your production lines, and convert them into pills, creams, syringes and plenty more to make a profit. Pretty standard stuff for a Tycoon-style game, then.


With the money you make, you can then buy new machines and robots that not only increases the efficiency of your factory, but also opens up the chance to research new medicines and fancier ingredients that turn up bigger profits.


It’s not quite as simple as that makes it sound, though. In Big Pharma, you’ll also have to deal with the wavering supply and demand that the seasons tend to bring – cold and flu medicines tend to be more demanded in winter, for example.


If you research a new medicine, you’ll also want to take out a patent for it otherwise another company will copy it and sell it at a lower price than yours. So it’s a mix of managing production lines and making smart business decisions to stay ahead of everyone else in the industry.


Big Pharma will also present you with the difficult choices that a pharmaceutical company may be tasked with. For instance, the cures that may be most in demand may not be the most profitable. Perhaps there’s a major disease outbreak in Africa and millions need a vaccine for it. However, you can make more of a profit by spending your time selling medicines to western nations – what do you decide to do?


You can find out more information about Big Pharma on its website.

Chris Priestman

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