Curse Of The Arrow Puts An Archer Through Puzzle Solving & Platforming


Curse of the Arrow will require players work their way through one hundred cruel stages of traps, pits, and mechanisms, using their skills as an archer to take out foes, hit buttons, or create platforms with their arrows.


An old statue has cursed the player, and the only way to lift this curse is to make their way across five chapters and all of the game’s challenging levels (each of which offers four difficulty modes to add of decrease how hard they are). In this stages, players will have to work through a series of mechanisms and jumps, often on moving platforms, in the dark, or with some additional problem making it harder, carefully figuring the way through.

Luckily, players can fire an arrow in a pinch to create an emergency platform, but players can only have one arrow on the screen at a time. Should they choose to use it at the wrong time, they may leave themselves unable to hit a foe that’s coming their way, or without a means to hit a button they need to activate to stay alive. Players will need to take care with this single shot if they hope to overcome the game’s many stages (and buy its in-game pets).


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Alistair Wong
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