Cursebreaker’s Magic Attacks Are Reminiscent Of Castlevania IV’s Whip



Sidescrolling action game Cursebreaker will have players lashing out with magic in eight directions all around them, similar to the whip in Super Castlevania IV, using their flexible sorcerous abilities to save the land from a mysterious curse.


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The wizard’s magic attack works as a large short-range burst, but can also fire smaller shots at longer range. The player will also have access to sub-weapons, all of which will help them face down the various monsters and bosses they’ll face across the game’s twelve stages.


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Cursebreaker promises an arcade mode with a lives system to add challenge, as well as various extras that can be unlocked through completing challenges or through regular play. The game is currently raising votes on Steam Greenlight, but lists no projected release date.

Alistair Wong
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