Cursed Sight, InvertMouse’s Biggest Visual Novel Yet, Will Be Out On August 3rd


InvertMouse, known for Unhack and Without Within, has announced that its next visual novel Cursed Sight will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux on August 3rd. You can see its Steam store page here.


It’s about a girl called Miyon who has lost her sight but has the ability to control fate – an ability she considers a curse. Miyon is housed in the temple of East Taria, where inside it is peaceful, but outside is chaos as East and West Taria is in conflict. Unfortunately for Miyon, her unique power is considered to be one of the most valuable weapons in this war.


But Miyon has other things to worry about too, as a young West Tarian called Gai sold by his parents into the Eastern Temple where Miyon resides. “Will the two save or destroy one another?” the description asks. That’s what you’ll be looking to find out when exploring Cursed Sight’s four endings.


Cursed Sight is to be InvertMouse’s biggest visual novel yet running at about 45,000 words. It was successfully Kickstarted earlier this year and there is still a demo you can try out available on its website.

Chris Priestman