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Curses ‘N Chaos Will Let You Kick Ghosts And Punch Wolves On August 18th


Tribute Games (Wizorb, Mercenary Kings) has announced that its one and two player arcade action brawler Curses ‘N Chaos just came out this week on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, as well as Windows and Mac through Steam.


The studio is selling copies of game at $9.99 a pop over on its official website.



The game has you helping bounty hunters Leo and Lea to break the curse set upon them by the Wizard King. The curse has goblins, ghosts, and all manner of creatures from around the kingdom attack them. And if they don’t defeat them in time then the Grim Reaper will come for them.


Luckily, defeating monsters gives Leo and Lea rare weapons to help them along as well as ingredients that they can mix healing potions, elemental summons, and eventually even the cure for the Curse. Oh, and one thing we didn’t know before: the game has dancing, which gets you extra points in between throwing kicks and punches.


Curses ‘N Chaos has cross-buy, cross-play, and cross-save across PS4 and PS Vita. If you want to play two-player, then you can make use of the ad hoc multiplayer on PS Vita while local and online multiplayer is be available on the PS4 and PC versions.

Chris Priestman