Customize The Robotic Heroine Of 3DS RPG Infinite Dunamis



A half-robot heroine gives players several ways to design her combat abilities and strengths in Infinite Dunamis, an RPG previously released on iOS and Android that is now available on 3DS.




Luke, an engineer, finds Estelle being attacked. After saving her, he finds she is part robot. This discovery sets off a series of events that will lead the pair to adventure.




Infinite Dunamis’ turn-based combat lets players chain attacks together, gaining bonuses from doing so. To gain new abilities to link up, players can combine elementals to make spells or master weapons through combat. Should their abilities make it so the player overwhelmingly overpowers an enemy they run into, they will automatically win the fight.




While other party members level up and grow stronger through combat, half-robot Estelle only sees a small growth from it. Instead, players can use equippable crystals, souls, and cores that let them customize her powers. Players can choose to make her a magic user, front line fighter, or whatever they need using these items.

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