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Customizing Ambrosia’s Weapons Allows For Some Very Varied Gunfire


Ambrosia is a Metroidvania with a focus on gun customization, allowing players to adjust their shots so that they move in various directions, gain explosive effects, bounce off walls, and far more, eventually allowing players to clear whole screens with special gunfire.


A technological civilization has been unearthed on the island of Aspida, one filled with buried robots. When something goes awry and the island seems to almost vanish, Iris sets out to find it and a missing friend, bringing her knack for gun modification and inventing to the now-hostile place.

While exploring this dangerous place, players can find weapon mods that affect how the various guns in the game work. These mods apply different rules to a gun, such as adding a new barrel that players can fire from, firing more projectiles per button press, or giving shots new properties like reflecting off of walls or exploding on contact. All of these mods change up how firearms work, allowing players to tweak their shots to suit their play style. With few other bonuses or power-ups in the game, these mods will be key in keeping the player alive as they explore the game’s open world.


Ambrosia is currently in development.

Alistair Wong
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