Cute 2D Platformer Alice’s Mom’s Rescue Arrives On Dreamcast In March



Hucast has announced that it’ll be releasing Orionsoft’s 2D platformer Alice’s Mom’s Rescue on Sega Dreamcast in March.


In fact, it’s already available to pre-order on Hucast’s store in two different packages. There’s the Limited Edition version of the game at €42.95 and that comes with the game CD, the soundtrack, and a 4-page color manual. There’s only 300 copies of those. While the standard pre-order of Alice’s Mom’s Rescue will set you back €24.95 and comes only with the game CD and the manual. The CDs are region-free so they’ll work in NTSC and PAL regions.


But, if you don’t have a Dreamcast then you can purchase the game on either Windows for PC or Android. It’ll cost you €3 to purchase it directly from Orionsoft for Windows, whereas it’ll only cost you $0.99 on the Google Play Store.


Alice’s Mom’s Rescue has you playing as Alice as she tries to rescue her mother after she was kidnapped by a giant raven. You run and jump across three worlds and 25 levels, avoiding cats, birds, bats, and spikes. You’ll also need to change Alice’s height at times by eating mushrooms in what seems to be a reference to Alice in Wonderland.

Chris Priestman